Demo 2012

by Neutral State

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released November 23, 2012

Recorded and produced by Rory Willis at Greyskull Recordings.

Massive thanks to: everyone who thought we could.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Neutral State Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Four idiot kids from the middle of nowhere

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Track Name: Cards
Cards from a funeral home; unscripted words. Should I have said to you? Pertaining to these acts of suffering I'm putting myself through. Is this the problem of pain? Help me, Creator. I weep as I question the chance.
You can't describe the absence of life, the absence of light, the end of your life; a blink and it's gone. This tragic loss confines me. Thoughts left are cross. It leaves me questioning.
Track Name: Stop/Pause
I tried for long, and I came up short. These words I write will do just that. I'm not much for conversation when my tongue is splitting open wide. Don't stay. Your time is up and it's too late. Breeding the hate. Cut away to an open place. Set apart; no disdain. Fell apart; felt no pain. Your luck will fade. It untraceably bleeds throughout this entire act you've staged. Your speechless audience begins to leave. The plot was dry and weak, and now it labels you as a burden.
Track Name: View From a Main Street Balcony
Would everybody please step back? What transpired? I am not so sure, but I've lost track. I can't seem to train my mindset anymore. It seems as though you might have lost sight of the frozen road. What troubles you the most? Stare at the floor, looking for some sort of answer to this life, and this doesn't feel right. Wouldn't it be nice if in life you could look ahead and see the outcome? Stare at the floor; regain composure.
Track Name: Billy Pilsner
Pardon my reaction because this is new to me. I swear that I've been here before. Rekindle my memory, and so it goes: can't stay afloat. We number our days and try to make the most. We number the days and try to life with hope.

This isn't how it ends.